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Young Holiday
Les Paroles de "Bang!" par Young Holiday

Album: Bang! (Single)

Année: 2019




I flow powerful like God used a pen to stap me
And now that heavenly ink is running thru ma atteries
I don’t aim at you; I aim for awards and Grammies
I have concern for the kids and that’s why I be rapping
Am literally giving them instructions
The pictures that I paint are maps leading us to treasures
And every rhyme like a contour ever wondered why am giving space
So you can know the best of things are actually plain
I used to feed on my fears but lately I’ve been starving
Anything that brings the truth ends up like Gaddafi
So when they try to kill my vibe I understand the tactics
But giving up is not the price please do not distract me
With flows harder than the hearts of Kamer leaders
Afraid to open up like my life is a French reader
But when I do am too deadly am a fire breeder
Let’s be real for once, don’t step in my arena
It’s not a fight for recognition when you’re real it’s reciprocal
Here we gat kings and queens like we playing poker
That’s the thing with those who hate, they miss the point
Life is a bitch giving heads; I don’t need to toss a coin
There were trying to fit the right pecks in the right holes

I took the respect and I hid them in ma flows
Then gave the rest pects and kept the kiss of dead for bones
I will never disrespect an elder talkless of a God you know
But am not one of those toilet roll rappers
Who need to kiss to stay relevant yeah am elegant
Judging by the punches that I spit am a veteran
I am no grass; I am one of the elephants
Living legend, lyrically lieutenant, leading like limunba
When I spit I keep it hot, lucifer’s lubricant
Leaving looser looking like they lavish left overs
Who goes to war and don’t expect to see dead soldiers
I come prepared with an invincible legion
Your whole crew against the wolves and he be giving you seizures
That abino guy is dope, isn’t he? That’s the tag question
If your responds negative please do not mention
If I ever rap for cloud you will see the silver linning
Am out here bodying these clowns who the hell untied me
While they work 6 to 6 I triple the 6
So when I tell you am the beast I cannot be lying
I only see you cause am looking at the bigger picture
When the servants are allowed to pose with the king
You dressed as royalty but then recognize the posture
It’s hard to stand up right when you the lamest in the pic
My next big shot is to take lot of small shots
Aiming at those rappers who cannot survive the big gunz
The vultures, the krotals, emblems of our culture
When is hip-hop talking dude, I suggest you go dumb

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