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Les Paroles de "Chorkoh" par BANYE

Album: Chorkoh

Année: 2013




I show ma druss….swagga! I boss ma ear….nyanga! I blow ma thing…mbanga
I show ma druss….swagga! I boss ma ear….nyanga! I blow ma thing…mbanga

[Verse 1]
Civilised man no do shit for bush
Age no bi sense some pa’ them dull
I see them fight perica becos of woman
Bobby get power no bi lie no bi lie
E pass Catapillar no bi lie no be lie
You di show me red light you di deny me
You di wait true love at forty?
You not a girl anymore you bi mami
Tea is cool when is huh..ey
You better do me now when you huh
I be banso boy no bi crime
Than say make I finish school push truck
I better fall bush then I marry sarra
Fat fat mami of grand remi
I go do ey for njo till I get pepaah .. no bi lie I get tori
Wowo girl na wowo girl
Money boy na fine boy
Money make monkey handsome… I be proof
Make I langwa you, Good girl go to church
I go to church to choose
What you want me to say?
Ask any man I di farotee
I di hustle too hard I not fit foireee yeeh.

I show ma druss….swagga
I boss ma ear….nyanga
I blow ma thing…mbanga
Tell that girl make she wyne the thing
I no get time for ye corner corner
Money dey ma skin like koro koro
If she open the thing I go chuku chucku

I don nye all thing for this pays
I don chop gari I don chop salad
I don nang for ayaba I don nang for street
I sell puff puff, I don sell pupy
I don follow fine nga akwara follow me
You want judge me you bi God?
I say lock your mob you bi God?
Come we stay no bi married
We go chop burning fish we go drink drunk
We go do am every nite till we win prize
If you carry belle I go change town
What do you know about mbanga?
It’s a type of njama njama correct.
Jamaican njama njama
She go call you god when she wan money
When you turn your back you bi mougou
She go paint her face like zombie
She go tie her waist like rubber
Then she shake am for your face make you confuse
She is yours for the night …kolofap
For scam white man na Bamenda
For make fake doki na kumba boy
Ask any man I di faroté
I di hustle too hard I no fit foiree


Apply for a job….they go ask you choko
You write na concours …they go ask you chorkoh
Even church people them…..they go ask you chorkoh
They go ask you chorkoh . They go ask you chorkoh
Even pastor dem di ask chorkok
Even doctor them di Ask chorkoh
Chorkoh chorkoh chorkoh
ALL man want di ask chorkoh.
The di ask chorko…


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