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Drink One


Les Paroles de "Drink One" par V WOBI

Album: Inconnu

Année: 0




You know what it is TIA MONEY, V.WOBI

Danger in the street I’m Psicko, loko
Green red yellow, mami said hello
I don’t give a fuck man I’m machiabello
 I can do it perfect man Manu Valero
 I got to pay bills, want free money
 want free stuff, give me free money
Go to the moon, get free money
don’t talk to me nigga give me free money
Nigga got hope on me like I’m Jesus Christ
 been blowing money up I feel I wanna cry
Bad ass party, big ass hangover
 free drink, free love, now the hate is over

 CHORUS ( x2)
I got to pay bills, salaries,
Wifey want that ring of tiffanies
I wanna be the black start of the galaxy     
I got too much problems
Man I got too much stress
Then I drink one
Drink one, drink one, drink one
Man then I drink one
Drink one, drink one, drink one
Man then I

 I dey talk with my African accent
don’t try to understand that’s money accent
Nigga talk milly we go for the billi
 everyday are Sunday man that’s silly
Je parle français but I don’t fuck in French
 I’m too hot bitches need that fan  
Notice: these girls are spyce,
camer girl twerking yeah I like what I see
 Nigga follow my lead she follow my finger
the world is mine my world is run by bad girls
All of them just pretend to be good girls
 hands off hands off shes pro, no love, pay and go


I’m hungry I need no food
thirsty of success imma get that good
Frank muller watches, cartier sunglases
Armani jeans, open your eyes and watch this
 Staxx on staxx make that bunch of money
Awake at night, sleeping in the morning
Mistress business pis me and keep stressing, I cry for help but anybody listen
Go church go mosk but the money is their religion
been bluffin with fake shoes of Louis Vouitton      
They got nothing in the pocket but talk about million

I want that free money that one that grows on trees
I want that free money that one do not exits
I want that free money, free money free money
We got a lot to waste tonight hate it or love it we go ball tonight
We don’t follow the light we go to the vip
We pop bottle that’s good life     
We ballin we ballin we ballin we ballin we ballin we ballin ….


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