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Les Paroles de "Mboko" par JOVI

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Album: Inconnu

Année: 0




Qui va barrer derrière
J’aimais beaucoup Rigobert
Eto’o tu pars où non
You want say make who remain score
You want say make who remain score (You want say make who remain score)
Na tchoko tchoko na mboko mboko tchop tchoto chop to tcha …

Ma papa be na drunk man ma mami be na saint
I am happy I am your child and I cannot complain
Your mop di over smell boh
No makam make I faint
 Nasty is the nature of the picture that I paint
Sixty four no be forty six
We di grind doh like na Moulinex
But you never see me pay for sex
My next girl would soon be my ex
Pussy free like the air I breathe
Picture perfect, money weed
I be na woman Wrapper all things na Kankwe
I bear twin rappers call me Tagne

La vie ici c’est Djansan (hein c’est djansan)
All thing for here na Kankwe (hein na kankwe)
No na say I no Kaolo (hein no Kaolo)
I don came na mboko (hein na mboko)
I want tchop me na nyamagolo (hein na nyamangolo)
Money di scratch like Korokoro ( hein like korokoro)
Toi et moi c’est le Mpogolo (hein le mpogolo)
Me na you today mpogolo (hein le mpogolo)

If badibo koko no be fine koko why the thing di still sell
If Njapa be na normal sick, then why you no dey gree well
Boy this one na Newbell, ma shit di rough like is from New Bell
 Succeeding where you fail, I got back up every time I felt
I swear my nga I am filled
Lyrically with the bar I killed
Man di plan e whole life na for kill you
But e no di happen cause e no di see you
Ngambe man go tell say na nothing
Everyday we rolling and popping
Naked chicks in my apartment, Anytime soon we go start bobbing
O Boy this is ma doh so na work
 No be na mop, I no get time for the talk
Tchou tchou tchou no dey want stop, Witch no go work
Time now na Jovi O’clock
Boy them na men them for town
Go ask around,  My food don turnam for ground
Any man try e go bow
I no di clown, Mabanda Jovi na Grand



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