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Freeboi Lama
Les Paroles de "Try" par Freeboi Lama

Album: Try (Single)

Année: 2021




Eyo man boutta go hard
On that drill tin man
(yo) beardgang
Kingunz kill this boy

Oboy you dan try
Oboy you dan try yeah
I say you dan try
Cow way no get tail
Na who d drive fly
They d born man old, then ei last die
All we d run but few go see line
If you still dey for here d play ya own part
Oboy you don try
I talk say boh you don tryyyy
The wayy ma men dem d ball
Iffi  you dull you go take nzollor
Burn the work small small
Yeah the work get for burn like ma bongor
Man na man for back class
I eva dey down i no d use bongor
Weda na pidgin trap or na mboko rap
Ma d servam like sermon
No be today, ma name ma beng simon
Man trong na weti nor didong
No be beb beb I hold ma geggeg
If you no comply na rekegkegkeg
Mop d smell like ndebekechuet
Ya man na fub fub
Ei over lep lep yi pap d don cold
Ei boot don wepeh
That got me like  Hahahehehe

Back to back and back
I spît on tracks i state the facts
Play i end you like sars
I swift, i fast 
Boh i no d sleep for class
If you hold ya small tin
Den u sure for pass
That one na sure fact
So prepare for house
Ma batterie d came low
So i need for charge
So seasoned  na only me 
No comma even ya nga 
Be like oulala  Eyoooohhhh
It’s freeboi lamma
Ma moto no get pimpim
Stay alert  man discreet 
As you d run ya mouth
Juh know say we go meetup
For roundabout explicit
I no d beat about 
Make small money no makam you
Start run ya mouth 
Man d sleep dream sey ei poor
Jump wake up start post add 
Na back to back
Man di talk na in falacies
Ma flow complicate leke philo
Boh d tin na we we no d apply
We no d borrow 
Man na man for 1pense
After i colam witty marlboro
Ma tory over long
Make i juh leave some one for tomorrow

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