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Kwata Pikin

Back Market Cypher

Kwata Pikin Feat MIC MONSTA et Dready Christ

Les Paroles de "Back Market Cypher" par Kwata Pikin

Album: Back Market Cypher (Single)

Année: 2021

© copyrights kwata Music INC 2020




I had to Drop Outta School & teach myself
If I wanted to be white; boy, I'd bleach myself
I was caught up in a pit of low esteem for cell
Until I heard God's cry like, son i need your help
I was looking out for God, funny how I found my G inside
All the years I had my thoughts hunted by suicide
Only 'L' I never took, was fail to take my life
Now ask me how I AM
I feel like CHRIST inside!
Bigger, yeah
Highier & illuminated!
The flow's sick, but that aint why I stay medicated.
I learnt the son of man is God's son; that's undebated
Fallacy, to think that me & God-the-Father: unrelated

Me I no get shop
Ya boy don be na pick posa
When I waka for road I most pick posa
I Cale for ma cona just di play bebefoot
When nyer man wan cam we di pick foot
Je Sui Nanga Mboko
But I grow for wah loko
When I enter for Ghetto I di turn different tin
I di siz man e tin
Then I  turn sale the tin

Go call that ya grand I no di fear anything
Man na fes Don man ask anyman for this bato
I no get doh I most chop sep na Gatoh
Men dem just di plan me
But dem no di ever ever harvest
I swallow my pride but e no wan digest
I get Nkong like I Comot ngongsamba
I loyal for ma chick sep pass layer sama
I just talk less and do more
Ma Team get for yamor
The boy ser la Mort
Man di kill this shit raw
let get it

Uncle Cales
7 fo lo’shap i dey batto di biz
Tannap inside quioske with ma walabis
These rappers dem wack but they want credit
If Music be na calling dem di borrow credit  Yeah
121, 126 man di punch keys
How your man drop lewa start make six  Figures  
Show me your real colors , I paint a picture
Flow di carry mendem high like na rapture
Man don tannap fo this rap like na sculpture, Vulture
All that grand dem ova like beef
I dey like butcher for this game, i no di fear beef
Men dem di lie eaque dem grow na fo street, Streets?
I got two phones, way i di usam fo bolo bolo
I nova blow, but i blow your ngar like bollo bollo
Rappers get to learn
But  na them di borrow
Them chop today forget tomorrow

Puff puff pass
Then puff puff pass
Only sun for di bato
See your man don Cast
Me I di  Transact na fast fast La la, cash cash
Man wey Ye di sale cloths no  Di wear trash
Your boy be na Player Give me back pass
Time is money I don sale watch
If I stay  for diedo All man get for die doe
Chop all your doe all man get for die go
Wednesday sharp na day for bring cargo
Market di pass people over flop for bato
Say make you buy one take 2 dat one na big buzz
All man want make gain no man no want for loose
Came for ma place i go show you ma sectee
Open bay fine chumbe na secree
You buy shoe, then ndem , you go regret
For soirée all ma boy them na junkleh

When I start for Pray I di find na ma prey
And Ma trap na the word of the lord
Papa God send me tho e no be give trang
I don treck for thé sake of the world
Devil on the loose  Wuna hold e spirit
But this ma bag carry Holy Spirit
If u fit wrap small tin for ya man of God
Guarantee say y’a blessings go high
Back to the Genesis before u knew John
I leave Mark way all man di Luke
Woman no di Born I get Holy Ghost fire
But first I go send me ya nude
Here are my Numbers 1st chronicles
You go confirm Revelation
I just get for take pictures when I help the poor
Then ask dou from ma congregation
I know u a child of God but for talk to y’a Pa
You go need divine intervention
Na dey me i Come in
I fit be y’a PA-PA  I no get any limitation

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