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Dready Christ

Conscience Talk

Dready Christ

Les Paroles de "Conscience Talk" par Dready Christ

Album: A Kid From Africa

Année: 2020




Nkun-ku-mah say make we jeunes we go champ
I she-don check’am… Na don-man bilangue!
I feel like, they no huh want we for city
Cuz champs dey no feh deh fo’ city
I feel like di vieux dee huh want make we go village
Make dem remain for cite” di gerer!

I fit still go Banso, go get ma champ
Mais I know say one day dem go came burn ma champ, so!
Wei be the need, if na politique?
La vie for streets, no be na climatique!
Na we di waka for dis kun-tar witi matanga!
You want tell me say wet?!
Ma broda just say make yi stand
Seh make yi stand for yi right
Nkamambou say ei get for dieee
Ey ei no even start a fight!
Ol’ Boy say ei need to tok son’tin
They say ‘the truth will set you free”
Now ol’ boy dee yi na for cell
Yi huh di pray yi na for free!
Oh Lord!!!

Which leaves me talking to your conscience
Since it aint talking to you ooh (Conscience… Conscience talk)
Yeah I’m yelling at your conscience!!!
Since it aint talking to you (Conscience… Conscience talk)
Yeah, I’m yelling at yuh!

Our countries are at the verge of war; so on this track, I seek asylum
I’d probably be dead, or in a distant cage, by the time that my tape drops!
But I don't really care right now
Long as the universe hear my song-cry!
My pop might swell get locked or shot for coming out to ask ‘why our sons die”
Mothers wail: they aint seen they sons
Government got no explanation!
Recurrent cases of dead bodies
Mysterious bullet holes
Classified autopsy reports
‘No comments; cased closed!’

If they ain’t found a youth’s corps in the bushes
They’re pulling a reverend’s from out the water
And John-the-Baptist nowhere to be found
There was no baptism either!
They say they found a note in his car
Family say he wasn’t suicidal!
Just questions, on questions & leaders with wicked decisions!

Which leaves me talking to your conscience
Since it aint talking to you ooh (Conscience… Conscience talk)
Je m’adresse a vos consciences
Si ils ne vous adressez plus
Like what the fuck’wrong whit your conscience

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