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That Nana


Les Paroles de "That Nana" par LOCKO

Album: Skyzo

Année: 2015

© Big Dreams, 2015.




[Pre chorus]
I know we're meeting for the first time
But I swear I never ever felt like this before
Wanna make u my screensaver
She says she'll love it thanks but she's going
Oh no no no no

That Nana hmm
She wanna make me run after her like we acting drama hmm ayayaya
Oh that nana hmmm
She wanna make me after her like we're cartoons tom and Jerry hmm ayayaya

Wi you take some ice or a lil drink uhuh nah
Coffee or pudding uhuh nah
Your number for a rendez vous
whatever that nana's not interested
I looked at you and had a dream uhuh nah
No Luther King uhuh
I was talking bout'a you and me
Whatever that nana's not interested
Ok I'm gonna go my way
Go on a hot ride and leave single here
I promise with me it'll never be boring
But she says non deja vue
I see you waiting I'll never do it to you
You're single her I'll always be with you
Whatever you want I'm gonna buy it to you
But she says non deja vue


[Verse 2]
Yeah If you tell me walk like this then I will walk like this
I swear this is the first time that I ever talk like this owééi
I'll do everything it takes girl to have a kiss
And it will be better if it is on your lips
I wanna make you my lover
Cuz you're the perfect lady for me
The way you're making your nyanga
Dictates the pulses of my heart beat
Now I'm going gaga
No freaks that's not my still naah
I swear on my papa
Je te yamo ooh


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