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Would you be my Impress


Lyrics for "Would you be my Impress" by LAUREN BY

Album: Would You Be my Impress

Year: 2011




Would you be, my  baby
Would you be… baby…
 Baby you bring me something new
And my life now is like a brand new
The way I’m telling you is true (yes baby uh)
I’m afraid to loving you coz I don't want to feel again sad and blue
Yes all the nights on my bed
I remember baby the first place
When you asking me if I really want to be with you
Yes of course but now listen to me
The problem is that
My last relationship was bad
And I’m afraid if I got to start
Please don't cry you don’t have to be sad

You look so different that's why you are precious
Baby I want to be more than serious
That's why I don't want to fall again inna this stress
Please understand me and accept
Would you be my empress my empress
No one can take your place (uuuh yes)
Could you be my empress my empress
No one can take your place

The thing I’m asking you has no price
That's why I want to be with you all my life
To see you every day and every time
I want you to take care of my child that's right
Sobaby , tell me what's wrong
I just want you to be me queen me your king
Please tell me if inna this you see something wrong (me say)
I will give you love and affection
Coz you always keep my attention
Yes you represent now my only satisfaction
Let's ride boo don't worry is the right direction
Things gonna be better if you say yes I wanna
That's why I’m begging you coz I think you are the one a
It’s simple the question is that would you be my lover
Please look inna me eyes and tell me baby if you think I'm a liar
Could you be baby would you be my empress

I know that you are confuse
But sweety I can’t abuse
Inna me head I really know what I choose
That’s why I want you to be me empress
To stay with me until di eternity please say yes
Baby I will satisfy your needs
Satisfy your dreams satisfy all things
Don't worry about this music
No one can take your place
You still the one inna me spirit baby…

Would you be… , my baby



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