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Don't Leave Me


Lyrics for "Don't Leave Me" by OLTWIST

Album: Don't Leave Me

Year: 2014




Baby j'sais que je n'suis plus l'homme pour qui tu étais tombé amoureuse
L'amour a ses raisons mais je t'avoue que les miennes te rendront encore plus malheureuse   
Please don't judge me, please don't leave
Faut que tu sache (t'est ma number 1) que c'est pas de ma faute    
S'il y a trop de meufs autour de moi !   A tu gardé en mémoire?   
Les débuts de notre histoire quant toi et moi on avait war?   
Le jour où j'ai demandé ta main?   yeah
Rassure moi que t'a pas forget
Accorde-moi un instant que je fasse de toi ma reine
Ma reine ma reine ma reeeiiiine!   
(Baby please come back to me)

Baby tu sais que je te kiffe
Baby do you really love me
Tu sais bien que je te desire
Am scare of starting back again whith you (yeah)  
I gave you my heart, i gave you my love
I gave you everthing that you needed  
Baby tu sais moi je te kiff
What else do you want from me

From me from me from me, can you tell me,  
I wanna know am so confuse huhuhu   
Baby i never thought that you can dare to do this to me   
I gave you all my heart but you really played whit it   
You betrayed me, you really did it   
You played with my feelings baby   
I can't understand what has come over you,   
I can't believe in you   after i gave you my love
My hearth everthing i had,   
This is the way your thanking me i don't know why,   
I don't know why, why ,why,doing this to me yeah eeeh yi  

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