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Work Hard


Les Paroles de "Work Hard" par STANLEY ENOW

Album: Soldier Like My Papa

Année: 2015




Stanley Enow, King Kong huh
Bayangi Boy is in the building baby, what!

Le père Noël n'existe pas
Reste-là tu dors, ne travaille pas
Work hard men ne tente pas
Si non you go remain for back
And you gonna be seen like a Nkunyam  
Nkunyam… Nkunyam
Gonna be seen like a Nkunyam … Nkunyam… Nkunyam
Gonna be seen like a Nkunyam… Nkunyam… Nkunyam
Gonna be seen like a Nkunyam … Nkunyam… Nkunyam
Gonna be seen like a Nkunyam … Nkunyam… Nkunyam

What ! Lets go

Verse 1:
What ! Bonjour le teacher
Ma papa get gun il ne rit pas
Mon crayon se casse il ne gère pas
Quand il a ses dos il fume que la chicha
Bafoussam ma chérie Bafoussam… Bafoussam… Bafoussam ma woman
After N'dere na for dey wey Nketou dem bi transfer ma old man
When papa is close the door we dey claim na hosanna hosanna
If not, he go whippi ya buttocks so hard like bafana bafana
Ah, na so wey me I grew up
See the tattoos on my back it's daddy's good job
Try for fail for school o boy na ya goodluck
U sef you go confirmé say mbere kaki be na bulldog

Life is a beautiful dream when you dream up
Some of ma people be dreaming and their fears and the enemy show up
Pray that the angels don't go for a tour when the dragon lord pull up
Pull up! Pull up! Pull up! Pull up!


Verse 2 :
Listen to the second part of the toli
Muna bobo dem corner wa house, dem di party di shoki
Papa be ready e bag and e gun for go fight for bakassi
While ma brothers and I we di crack… egusi egusi
Mais moi je n' me gênais pas
Sofri Sofri nigga moi je n' ndemais pas
On me disait petit ton tour arrivera
Now I be feeling like this is my time

Stanley Enow this is me, now that i'm King
Fake homies coming to me, claiming to buy cds
Rocking ma tees, girls wanna play ma tennis
They be disturbing ma peace, killing ma peace, killing ma biz biz
Bayangi boy ma Cherie, je veux la bise
Gimme a kiss kiss, haha



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