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Stand Up


Les Paroles de "Stand Up" par BAAM

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Album: Stand Up

Année: 2009




Hahahaha…. Hahahaha
Hahahaha …Hahahaha

Everything’s messed up that’s for sure
People suffering and dying I don’t know
I look around everything seems so slow (oh oh oh oh)
They push, we struggle no result
The same problems never resolved
This hustling is for nothing and nothing (nothing)

Take it slow, we will find
A way to get out of this
All we should do is believe
Let go
Don’t be afraid, it will be alright
Don’t give up,
Everything everything’s gonna be just fine

This life, has got so many complications (If we)
Can face the situation (Then we)
Are gonna walk to the platform of victory
It’s a true story

Stand up!
Hahahahahaha aaa ehhh

This is Baam
What we’re bringing to you will make you bounce
But don’t bounce and get bad
Where to start is right up in your mind
Then you will find it All will come in time
Don’t let frustration lead you into crime
The definition of life will be fine
As is the junction in the middle of the cross
Is the function of your brain in a choice
If you let the rage take over the brain
There is nothing that you‘ll gain
The hatred and pain we’ve got to keep it sane
So let’s start all over again


Hah ahahah ahaha aaa eh Stand up
Hahhahahahahaha eeh stand up

This is my cry
I look from left to right
But nothing seems right
The rich are getting richer
And the poor are getting poorer
Yet I know there’s coming a time
When everything’s gonna be fine

Hahahahah haha a ha aha eeeeh
Stand up


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