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Believe in Me


Les Paroles de "Believe in Me" par LIL BROOKES

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Album: Believe in Me

Année: 2015




Verse 1

I don' waka no be small that's ma boot on tha floor
You woun't comper me bo that's a fact u should know
Matango so sweet I don drinkam packam fast
Pop ma collars niggas somalie got a sheep
Ma shawr man for terr , ou est la carte ou est la carte
Le gatta vous attend , ou est le ghé ,ou est le ghé
For lewa some nga di cry b-r-o-o-k-e-s
I just want avoid tha choio for man kankwe no be dé  
Kankwe no be dé, just as kankan nova dé di joke
I don play I don play I play figo
Motha style mo that's cool mo tha'ts style you know
Tina turner was tha star but now am da star
Believe in me believe records got the hit high hein
Oui les main en l'air like i say les mains en l'air
I just wan fimba da ngerr weeh hol me last day
Mothatackt on the track, brookes got the swagg


Verse 2
Mbanga don ripe the tell me for léwa
If u want chop ur own take pan move for rang
Na so weh petit rappeur make rang for their turn
Ngeh si jo ngeu nigga ngeh si jo ngeu ask mannolap

Man fi lap if man no cry you know
I shidon for hear wan to see ma chap
Me i got the mic you you wan na fight her
I be fighta but i want the title news in ma hits
Twitter on ma mind ''watching''' a footbal match down on da sceene
Calling a ngo of l'heure damn from ma hood
I've been walking in the street triyin know who am i hannn
Montreal, be ma city  alléluha
The lord be ma witness sing alléluya
I praise the lord for tha succes alléluya
Banjoun boy on the track sing allélu


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