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Thank You Lord


Les Paroles de "Thank You Lord" par TADY DIALLO

Album: Thank You Lord

Année: 2015




[Muslim Prayer]
Aa’t oba jeiye e
Eleru iyin mo’seba
Oba nla nla nla
T’in gbagbara lowo
Eni t’in fagbara nini larra
Oba to so wipe kaiye maa be kaa tun be

Eko dunu o babi ge Lelelelele
Eko dunu bemighi
Nge mo da n tete yha
Eko dunu o bemighi …

Am thinking about the years gone by
Am thinking about the things I’ve done
Am thinking about the words I’ve said
Am thinking about the way that I‘ve been living my life
E bi like say I forget to say
Say Somebody dey besides all the way (all the way)
Started to go astray
They come to start to make me to believe say I don’t know they

I did a lot of things without remords
Cos I never knew that I live each day by the grace
But now, things have changed
And my God I realise that I am blessed
And what more can I say than to thank you Lord

Gbagbo igba tim ba woe yin
Mo ri oun timo she
Sugbon tim ba ri oun to se tun
Mowa dupe lowa re

This is not a straight from the heart
It is about the way I feel, Inside of me
I’m thinking bout the things the Lord has done for me
 If God can provide for all the birds in the sky
What more can I say
I no think say I better pass the people way don pass
But I still dey today
He’s a miracle working God
And I … I believe that it’s because of him that I am a living woman today
It’s so crazy and beautiful world that we are living in
There is so much sorrow, joy and pain
But I still got to thank you Lord


Tete gu’wi
Tete ge gwa che na yi
Tete ge lo na che
 Tete ge ha ch na yi
Tete ge nima layin
Tete ge ya lachi
Tete gewu yi ne hi

Oran na tete gu wi
Tete ge gwa che na yi
Tete ge lo na che
Tete ge ha chu na yi
Tete ge nima layin
Tete ge ya lachi
Tete gewu yi ne hi

U ko du o bemi ge, Nge no la n tete yaa
To lon nya ye , Tete gewu yi ne hi
Ora nn na tete yaa
Ma ronunmo ore o
Ocho gunie ocho o nuyan ta te
Ma ronumo ore o
Ole le le le oh

Pan nno nu yan taye
Ocho gunie
Ocho oru gant aiye
Ele le le le le oh


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