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Bangwa Sense


Les Paroles de "Bangwa Sense" par CIANA BANKS

Album: Bangwa Sense

Année: 2013




Check me inside soppo
All man na ma kohkoh
Mbapi fear mikap inside minkoa chohkoh
Me I be na trong grand, dem di call me bohboh
Try meh mou tangem me I get my bomoh
My brain di kick all time e be na current
Make man no try for talk for me shuuuttt no comment
Man di wipe all e doh all, leave e inside suspense,
Then I keep ma 1000 for  kwa sotay e born ten
Your girl no di lost sense, all time I di talk sense
No over checkam, that njong don be na pass tense
But some way stil dey ehh? Man go stil di check sense
I di find na man weh go dey pay ma house rent
Na who no know me? Nsainte chague
Me I no di sorry e, pa Tabe
Care taker for ma cité, but e over take care
Any man weh never see me, then e never see girl

Bangwa sense I get na bangwa sense
Sense I get na Bangwa Sense (x2)
99sense 99 99sense (x4)

[VERSE 2 ]
Me I be na hustler, chef for inside carrefour
Make man no worry moi, all that one na je m’en fous
Mubi chamme tamitite, super glue
I be that kinda gurl, u no go fit lace ma shoes
Cuz am rapping money like ekwang
Leave that talk that one na changchang
You claiming that you’re are a star but they know u na inside Bokoai
Ngo feargue tamina cafetch, papi chentamina thomy
You tripping, am flowing leave that beat boy you’re boring
Back to sender, I don tear calender
You must si calculate before you wan hammer
Nkap dey ma kwa bo, I commot like scammer
Ngobe njobe ehhh, when I ride my hunder
I no di over talk, I do more talk less,
I fight for a target, thats all success
Spit so many hard rythmes, men I no am so bless
If u wanna try I put you down no stress



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