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Les Paroles de "N-WORD" par MIC MONSTA

Album: N-WORD

Année: 2014




NWord.  Slim beats. Ok. Best Music.

Man no di treck again for kwat nigga
All that dschang shoes we don throwey‘am nigga
Lyrically man don get nkong nigga
Sef my breakfast is heavy reach ten pungs nigga
Man wey e no be know’am I’m from K. town nigga
That place wey sun pay tax before e shine nigga
Fly no fit relax inside hot oil nigga
So any rapper tryna test, I just dey fry nigga
Stand up,  I ‘m tryna be that king wey get nkong
When that time reach call me King Kong
Anaconda swag, ma thing over long
Date a girl for six year but e no know ma lon
Banga corn na pap, check the way e tchick
Boy I be market, you be just boutique
Tell ma mouth … so I fi lock ma mop
All the time I talk sense like brain dey for ma mop
Swag don dey noumba
Ask grand Emma Mimba
Enter inside Kumba, sep Father get e Jomba
One day pays go fine, taximan go gi you receipt
…That ‘s a fucking receipt

Open skin for mic  like man wey get beef
Chuck any man na beef, chuku chuku beef
My haters dey like tree, all dem don dey leaf
Six nga for one kwat, we no di use leaf
And obviously people had to talk nigga
This how the rumours  bwam, give a fuck nigga

I stand among the best me sef I just figure
If some person die with that’s and 8 figures
Ali Bomaye, na banga di boom ma day
Small njaka follow pa’a, know say that Mboma dey
Any side whey place di boom, we dey dey di boom our day
Say na chicken swallow snake, that one na bombardé

Heyy… hey niggas. Where, where‘re my real niggas
Heyy… hey niggas. Where, where’re my real niggas

I nod di bow with any fake nigga
some go smile for your face and slap you for back nigga
…  that’s my men nigga … that’s my other niggas
No be lie television don teach me pass lewa
Flow so sick, call Doctor Ndewa
All my men dey now na war, so I no fi war
Stinky swag, no mana wa
Boy fresh like matango for sunday sharp
My heart no di cut cuz e no first sharp
Man di chop na chicken so no talk crap
You want catch use a …. trap
You know me… I go my the name of  Mic Monsta


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