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Les Paroles de "Folere" par KOSY

Album: Inconnu

Année: 0




Slim beats... Yeah, yeah
KOSY on the Mic, Yes you know me
Like a balloon these girls Wanna blow me
  Oh boy no checkam, You no get swag
 A beg no fake am, Man no be pap
I eat all fruit, except mango
Step in ma zone, Kick you TANGO
 See muscles expendables  RAMBO
Swagger on point, Yes swagger on point
 Stand for my front, A dish your own
You think say i be lancer,  You be njancer
mbou fish, Chop you
 Toilet, flush you
Sense pass king
Solomon trust me

 Oh boy no checkam
Oh boy no checkam
Oh boy no chekam
J’ai le foléré ,(J’ai) j’ai le foléré
J’ai le foléré , (J’ai) j’ai le foléré
Oh boy no Checkam
Oh boy no checkam
Oh boy no checkam
Oh boy no chekam
J’ai le foléré , (J’ai) j’ai le foléré
J’ai le foléré , (J’ai) j’ai le foléré

I di came na na so
 To make you wèpè
Nang l’esprit kingué that one na small pèpè
Non n’insiste pas , You no get paper
 I go mash you souté Ya mama go cry wèkè
That lassa boy di just say I get grimba
After tht kingué go mimba say qu’il me fimba
One-two, one-two
Wan-yo call me pinta
 Sinta sinta Na how  You want mimba
Small jeu de corps That zolo don enter
I go show you Kolo kolo on this intrumental
Trop de mbom dans la boue veulent soulever la poussière
Mboumla dans la bouche
You go confirmer that puissance
Poto Poto Style,  Boy i di came tchakala
 Sweet mouv , Nyango you na came sèkèlè
You di make pump  Anytime lèkè small lizard
But anytime a di mash you  That one dey small bizzare


Soldier came, Soldier go
 Certifier hustler
 Under rain under sun
A di search for customers
Check sense make sense, Out of non sense
 Man must calculate, Prince Eyango
Pretty little sister, You don’t need visa
 Follow me and see stars, Or you want some chedder
So high, Touch the sky
 Many colours, Call me butterfly
I came from far
 Now I am aiming for the stars
 Rocking with the best, You no fit pass me
Sleep no be die, Kanfa no be bonbon
 Rap so well now Your chick call me tonton
By the time i blow, You will be like confirm
 And if you hate, If you condemn
Me and my crew, We go do you fire burn them
 Non mon gars, Je ne vis pas dans le ndem


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