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The Apple


Les Paroles de "The Apple" par RENISS

Album: Inconnu

Année: 0




 O ntong gha
ghre ma yea nzouboo koum
O negg gha , Baba mou ntem gho
Na me this I di nzouboo koum
O ghei ma nkong gho
Be ma nghouk,ma shik,ma ntem
O ghei ma nkong gho
Once you know me, You know that I’m the one
Once you know that, You will know what to do
Be Baba songeh m’a nghouk,Ma nghouk,nghouk
Be Baba songeh m’a shik
Once you bite that apple (apple, apple)
Na so ya eye di shine, You di see good and bad
Once you bite that apple (apple, apple)
You go know say, black no bi white
Na so that thing di sweet for mop
And when you try you no go stop
Why you di tell me say you love me
You have no right to tell that, You and I know that
Say you get your woman
Cuz I know say wrong no bi right

Once you bite that apple...
I’m so blessed, na why you di vex,
I don’t give a f., ma life no be na test
I know that the rest won’t see all the stress
I go through, okay I don’t need to impress
She hate rape but she love rough sex
Okay what I’m saying, is simply complex
Make sure all ma enemies never offended me
I no di fear da one na fake threats
Die no free you get for buy coffin
I di pump njap massa i’m always coughing
I no want die oh boy like life
But when u tchop life, life too go tchop you
I see many, I trust few
I’m not perfect, I sin too
No blame Adam if Eve was naked
M’a mbouboo Papa yea nkwatte ghe
O chei nghe-ka-m’a ghe ntou gho
Ngkwarre ntem gha, nkette ntem gha
M’a nghouk,m’a shik ,M’a lein-gne, m’a teme
M’a nghouk,m’a shik ,M’a lein-gne, m’a teme
Ngkwarre ntem gha, nkette ntem gha


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