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Afe Nkap


Les Paroles de "Afe Nkap" par NGOMA

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Album: Inconnu

Année: 0




5-5-5-5-5 in the AM..
Am listening to FM.
inspiration enter now the Dj's at the rear end,
the feeling of a calling please listen dear brethren,
in rap denomination I want be wuna reverend
wuna dey hear me so, Abeg Abeg tell'em,
in case you've forgotten haters.. Amma murder them,
it's funny, cuz nufin can trener ma hustle pattern,
down with what I believe na why that God be na ma shepherd,
blessing from heaven n'chie meme rappin..
ne'yi zene jou'tse pa'a chie meme nteu meu,
leke demon po na vivd demonstration.. reference,
now you see free me.. nigga am ready to give up patience,
no need for slow dogs when meat don scarce for market,
these days is fire by fire, no failure for the brilliant,
no relentless of effort weda na coco na to chopam,
keeping it down, ain't no need for being controvertial,
I get nkong sey ma tongue talk that talk.. relevant,

Ma renaissance carry power.. I rhyme smarter,
don't do this anyhow.. jam-am harder,
am gon make it thru de streetz "Okada to Benz" ,
Afe Nkap!! O'boy na to find-am,
work hard play hard, you must hustle b4 u chop,
and when you chop keep a mussle inside cupboard,
i nogo bench non-stopping happiness,
Afe Nkap!! O'boy na to find-am

Now is there a possibility of me spitting rhymes this vividly,
in a couple of demos you'll know I'll never quit demonstrating,
ma swag.. especially.. I'll ball independently,
I might be starting shit but o'boy I nobe JJC,
ma old boy ye name na "John" so gimme reason why I nogo hot head
Though pays don turn turn strong we dey hustle make'em sponsors donate,
There ain't no laying back, sitting waiting for manner from heaven,
you go konfam bobolo lek snack.. traa nge jou'ntseme chie even,
never dulling niether stopping, ma pikin dem nogo wear nchag shoe,
gimme credit if negative, koby na to tellam "thank you" ,
I don't have to give up even I pond am tire "achu" ,
any how it want be no problem can ever solved by "juju" ,


Mang le Ngoma.. m'be very sorry nge en'ke ko chate po,
nkwange'o jie rane nge en pei yie'ne lie'ne lemme retne flow,
host'e shows.. rap mem studio.. en jie chiene nge leke biscuit po,
mboh mbo en ko t'en preach'e po.. so no check sey na puff puff and aricot,
O'pere, o'lone me zene ke, wue pae sune nge o'kune meme ne'kiere,
am addressing to balck belle.. je vous rendre @ dieu le pere,
en ko t'en wame mela'h po nue tse, n'chie lere mbe very humble @ vous tous,
see ma "bobo" dey call me shu-shu.. en pet'en rourhe jou'ntseme ndo cous-cous,
Bafana-Bafana nobe know sey one day ye go go higher to be star,
na y dat I dey hold down to the hustle.. tie am tight lek cassava,
I go dey trottle inside swagga race.. sote ma backfoot tangha,
kwata-kwata nona for tokam the creed is never say never,


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