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Les Paroles de "Emergency" par MIC MONSTA

Album: The Stars Are Watching

Année: 2022

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They dial 911 so I pull up with a Mic
This is an emergency yo gat to Safe the game
The next project you drop go be the reason it’s alive
So G you get for think
The be don point gun for ei head
Microphone ma only weapon
Solder pon a mission
Even blind man now can clearly see my vision
Enter school of life way I no be pay a tuition
But this life lessons steady coming with a price yeah yeah
I learn for write na music just for cold ma heart
Too many disappointment nearly broke ma heart
The keep the boy for ground forget say I di plant
Now we bite them like mukeinge
And unit like solder ant
So, Hide my identity
Call me anonymous
The gist way Dey for table me sef shame for show ma face
The people way be bless with gift to save a nation
Go fight among themselves and lose the competition

This that massage from the God’s
This that voice of the streets
There’s always a divine pattern
When we chose to work together
One man strength go cover other man ei weakness
But e fit only happen if you see me as your brother
So who’s real and who’s fake
Ego is at stake
I be ma best version and it’s nothing you can shake
I know I’m just a drop from an ocean that’s beyong
Ma energy multiply on the days that I be gone.
They Wear rainbooot waka on top fom
To play safe
But Na we be the boys way di match fire
Someone them carry bible makam people turn Slave
But mosses in the burning bush
Na camp fire
I just need to free my mind
Only battle is my fears
I be laughing at my tears
What I want already mine
My hustle on rewind
Make the doe Makam again
Give me another life life
I go still dowam again

The stars are watching
The ones that are up
The ones that are unborn
The ones that are gone
And even those beyond
Na why that you get for do you bro
Be your best
Though people no go give you your props all the time
But do it cuz the Stars Are Watching

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