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I Need A Dollar


Les Paroles de "I Need A Dollar" par NICK MAYOR

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Album: Inconnu

Année: 0




I need a dollar
Yeah men, what’s happening.  It's happening.
I wake up in the morning men i got the dollar signs in ma mind …
o God i gotta keep that hustle men …
i gotta keep that grind hard now leggo hommie… you with me?

They say... Life's a bitch
 let me just say a pray
Our lives uncertain but nigga i hope for a dream a day
 and I had a vision
So am on my way
You could call that a mission
I made myself a sky tower definitely meaning i need power to recover
Uh… i spit with evidence
Nigga ma shit go relevant I wake in the morning like a delegate
Who's got duties
Bitch don't kill ma vibe
99 problems, imma smoke them like molly
So long am gonna make dollars
They can pretty slope down the valley
While am checkin' what next in ma garden
Get steady on that gud kush but don't mistaken me for a case study
Biographically had varied dreams
So geographically imma spot'em all
But all i see is a devil's ghost on ma journey and i wonder how
If this is how am gonna make it then lord forgive me for ma own sins
Self made nigga ..
Born with fucking money on his fucking mind
I just wanna build myself a deal
That's just how i feel
If we could buy time
Then i'll be the first to yell amen

The world is kinda pretty ..we know
Am just tryna let this shit and make it out
O'lord forgive me if i took the wrong way
I am a sinner with the dollar on his mind
Men I need a dollar
Men I need a dollar
Men I need a dollar s
So ma nigga don't judge me

Ok  i see respect on your face
But you see courage in my verses
And lyrically unstoppable
You could never bribe away ma blessings
And so much truth like in the bible pages
You could spot them lines when I gi you a chapter
Gi you a chapter ....then preach you a chapter
 am just tryna get across the border
But the world so strange
 So I go no further
Updated myself from grass to grace
So I start up with the grace and end up in a grave
Ma thought is venom
Better hold me tight
This life so greedy. So imma stay focus ma nigga
Uh niggas down the game like captivate
Am elevatin' so don't judge ma case
The future in ma hands someone motivate me
And push the button and activate me
Uh am doin' fine ma buddy
Am almost through with that movie
Every blessed day i been rappin' like
Mama need a new crip
Lil bro needa go to school
It's time to get a way out of here
With that prayer and imma be at the edge be at the at the edge



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