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Hein Pere Fresstyle


Les Paroles de "Hein Pere Fresstyle" par NICK MAYOR

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Album: Inconnu

Année: 0




All Gold is on ma teeth
Got Gold watches on ma wrist
I know am barely bearing risk
But well if they wanna try a tease
Then imm destroy all of them hints
Prolly with the mic
yeah prolly with ma mic
I know this shit is getting sick

Brother takam easy
Make we flex on the beat
No vex if I go hard on ma text
Men c’est la vie
No be fufu I dey pop
Na garri I dey munch
So how you expect ma flow to go soft like cornflakes nigga

Pistol on their heads, finger on a trigger
Sort moi la monnaie là de la caisse
Settle it down, plan it out
Me like that porshe from behind dawg
Make we talk real men’s affaire
Cuz fortunes is what we prepare and these Gold is what we precise

See , ma wallet’s a bible
These hoes trynna counts its white pages
But just like big belle Rozayy
We count papers no more
We weigh’em so daily
Holla someone come rescue me
Ahh! Truely flow of a rapper
Welcome to the zone of a viper

Time to launch this mafia
Ma soul’s rage, Imma pour voluminous lava
I guess you feeling like a stranger right
Look, I love these niggaz hating
But fuck it so long ma flow’s drunk
I keep’em on flying colours
Yours probably on dyeing colours

Like milli’s for a battle
I got bars of horrors
No time for rumours
Am out of these humours
Trynna sketch a versus
With them psycho seniors
Men so fuck trauma, fuck drama
I mean fuck drame
I’m just truly dyeing out for ma respect nigga
Fuck drama

See me see trouble
Party full of bottle
Them bitches wanna smuggle
But opportunity like this comes once so drink until I see double
Yeah ho you can go on with the massage
While I relax off in ma jungle
Ngoma tell’em say me I be good bad boy

Am on Masonic floors
So hard to figure ma flaws
The devil trynna have full talks indoors
Telling me I had none
Truly er’words running on my lips were hell of dirty nouns
Ya think the nigga finna make it up to my soul

I got the name Allah on ma tongue
Bible in ma head, Devil’s cure in ma lungs
Pere on call ça le “Don des Don”
Donc reste sssshht dans ton coin
Et respecte nos way a fond nos way a fond
Mon négro c’est pas le lait

Just help me define ma life
So I could determine its span
Born to be a champion
Watch nigga!
Imam put in life in yo fans
Skatin’ on free board
Catch me rocking with them vans
This is music and not a plan
I rep FrenCHCollege Boy

Upcoming hardes and
Strictly restricted for the yungs
Cuz er’noun we pronounce is +18
Yes come join make we shark palm wine
(Poto le feu est vert)
Pendant que toi t’es au Kwatta
(Chez ta grand-mère)

Don for kwat
Ya pas l’homme
For Sunday sharp
Fine babe Inside ma long
Open that Tuborg
Make I get high, ouside Jovi dey
Make we toast wa cups
Ahh let’s get back to business
Cuz truly ma niggaz are destined for greatness

This is camer hip hop

We aint rocking no old school wanna know what I mean
Catch me for Kumba Market
Dey perform with magasco
Weti you gossip again
Say we dan join fomla
But truly am too blessed to the point
You could never understand it
Cuz if you wan try understand’am
You go surely loss sense
Better lock mop

Dey waka waka like Stanley enow
Hustle for money and power
Then swagga swagga like dope boyz
Coke boyz
Back to marry the game like the choc boyz
Shout out to the G.R.Y. nation
But the truth is
Hip hop is strictly takin over
RIP to Makossa
Ah ah don’t envy me
Am just out of my senses
Ah sincerely
I was so thought how to put things into their right places
Into their right pl..

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