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Free Mind


Les Paroles de "Free Mind" par MIC MONSTA

Album: Free Mind (Single)

Année: 2021

© copyrights kwata Music INC 2021




Free soul 
Free mind!

No man no be tell me e go hard
Ma nigga was writing from ma heart 
I just knew I had to play ma part 
Passion ma motivation from the start 
Thé tin be start like play for inside ma living room
Me and Glenny be di check 
Na for make kwata di boom
See I no be even know if some 
People go like ma voice
Now I’m voice of the streets 
Yeah na me di make the noise
Now so the di yah ma moh for any joint 
Mutumbu di chak when I drop any joint 
Man I loss many point
Still no stop at any point 
If ma speed break that mean say na check point 

Krobo head no get issue with barber  
No be ngambay house but man na BA-BA
Chew alagata pepper just for ginger ma spirit 
There’s too many fake love but ma fans still legit 

This that moment when you realize 
That prophecy finally came to pass
When ma good good ways surface from that old pain 
When ma brothers be breaking their minds from that slave chain 
It’s all love no strings
I don’t give to expect 
I don’t care about your pay if I gain 
Your respect 
But blood hands on your neck
When I’m checking the cheque 
Checkmate cuz you just find out I’m too good to reject 

We set the building on fire with my bars just to warm up
Men them move the ladder for ma come up 
Try to down my turn up 
Try to traffic my way up
Like a new moon 
Men dem know I Dey up 
Wonder why I always meditate 
Cuz everything I wrote 
To my heart I dedicate 
Esprit be dan elevate 
This that reason why u wait 
This that message that hits you
And make you stand around the gate 

Look at all we made out of nothing 
If money no Dey life na nothing 
E go turn manior if e rotten 
Pray make that yah work no go for nothing 
Lock ma mop, cover bear
Jong cast over beer 
Man way like las like na under wear
Come through like a thief 
Take u unaware 
Righting all ma wrongs be the magic of my pen
Lessons of my life be the topics that I learn 
Everything I’ve earned yet I’m yet to see my End 
I just keep it straight up ain’t no reason here to bend 

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