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Big Mami


Les Paroles de "Big Mami" par MIHNEY

Album: Big Mami (Single)

Année: 2021

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It’s Mihney bitch huna heart dem di cut? 
Yeah it’s been a minute huna no fear I don kam back 
From now on now na back to back
Bag got bigger waist slim like the chances niggas got to knack 
If u ney see me u can find me where the bread at 
Stay on my grind get this money till i don’t need rap
Come get ur hair from ma hair shop
I’m talking bone straight long down to the knee cap
I been the shit, flow cold, no cap 
Back to fuck d game up yeah I deep throat that 
I ney feel me all di girl dem the girl dem ova wack 
Huna Rap dem ney Catch lekeh na bad trap

Only killing shit cuz i ain’t in the field? 
Flow sick lyrically i am ill 
You miss me i got a vibeyo u cannot kill 
And these bitches gonna die trynna match up the skill 
Came in game with nothing but a passion  
Ma own family switched up when I came up but 
I ain’t mad and that’s aii cuz i wised up and I leveled up and now
I ain’t fucking with nobody who don’t fuck with the Vision 
I see them put in work to discredit me 
You never rise by bringing others down, reality 
Can’t give you the privilege of calling you my enemy 
Cuz within me i don’t harness that kind of energy 

I put in the work, never sell short
If that nigga ain’t backing me he can hit the backdoor 
If you no di tok money den no be ma  concern 
Classy with shit all di nga dem di still learn 
Bar for Bar no man no fit face me 
Talk fo ma back I di wait make you face me 
This how I spit whenever i’m lazy 
I do this outta love feed the passion within me 
I don gi all man e time but that time is up 
When I move you move back bitch i stay strapped up
I be don di take d tin lightly but now e get fo stop
Puttam fo Gear 5 On ma way to the top 
Life is a bitch den na girl i di bob 
Fuck fame me I  di find na ma Chop
I’ll never go against God like the story of job 
Stay away if you broke No kam gimme baluck 

Mami fo house yeah 
I be huna big mami 
Humble yaself kam take free lessons 
Ma Pikin den dey flop i Gi dem Ma blessings 
I ain’t talking crumbs wen I say i’m getting bread
He was built for this shit he real sloppy with the head 
You wan bob before you help? I‘ll never fuck you
I no fit fuck you fo tin wey I fit pay you 
You di craze! If you like you sideline me  
Baddest in the game and every track I flat line
I raise the bar high wey I nodi jek iron 
If person wan tantey i go chop e lekeh lion 

Drops bars wey I no even think
Tattoo fo skin all ma body na ink 
Mimbayeur wt ma tin lekeh na Blanche n minks 
Black n blue that’s how he beat up the pink 
Na plenty money only fo kiss me
If you catch feelings e no concern me 
No tok fo me if you no go wash me 
I ova fes get work bo ma time ain’t free
Mami fo house 
I be huna big mami 
Humble yaself kam take free lessons 
ma Pikin dem Dey flop I di gi dem ma blessings

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