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Wain Bobe


Les Paroles de "Wain Bobe" par mAjouh

Album: Wain Bobe (Single)

Année: 2020




Eh"aya aya
Majouh no di take yi shit
Majouh-petit bboy no take yi shit

Wain bobe na bobe be na bobe call me jaka baba to uuu"
I came from bamenda see my love for you- everything for you
Say i do for two take it all ×2
Baby bububu
Wain bobe na bobe be na bobe
Call me jaka baba to
Say i came from bamenda
See my love for you everything for you
Baby kul-kul my love oh
Make it ticel all my body now uoh- i no fit lie
All my fantasy
All-all my fantasy ticel to fantasy my baby feel mi love
I no fit run two uu
Tuku-tuku tu all my body tu cok-cok mi k-k, cok-cok mi k-k
Wati-wati tutu wati for tu taking you to do
Baby-baby bubu wohma ngile yevalu-ngile gile awu acamma
Aaa baby you uhh ayeee bah don't know!!
Biko-biko my baby bi,wohma-wohma my baby bi
All my fantasy i do for you-think it to
All this thing for two
Pipo say na you cost i deh for you uu no for two
No di chakam so don't know!!
Wain bobe na bobe call me jaka baba to uu
Came from bamenda
Came from bamenda

Say my love is true bubu
Majouh-petit bboy (don't know!!)
Ayee biko-biko my baby bi ee biko-biko my baby bi
Wain bobe be be be, wain bebe bebe
Bebe wain bobo bebe
All my fantasy-all my fantasy uh"

Wain bobe na bobe be na bobe call me jaka baba to uh-huh uh
Came from bamenda
See my love is true everything for you-say i do for two
Say my love is real
Omy god, i no di feel cool
Wain bobe na bobe be na bobe call me jaka baba to uh-uh uh
(Ayah bah)
No be yi deh for body all my body feeling important
All my love with you
All my love with you bu vah
Cah ma cong vah-vah cah ma cong uah
Ati mah cong-cong

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