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Mastermind Freestyle


Les Paroles de "Mastermind Freestyle" par D SLYK

Album: Mastermind Freestyle (Single)

Année: 2019




Waddup 237 ! 
Haha next big thing 
I be the Gongolo 
Feeling like be toasting shits 
When I drop on a drae beat street get to catch fire 
Many pipo wanna see me doing it back 2 back them
I spark like a naked wire 
I no trust me all this men them
Way di came with sweet sweet 
Talks them some of then na wampire 
Keep my reputation when I be doing de twisting breakdown 
build my fence with barb wire 

I be microphone zuzuranda highest kumba perica with big agenda
I be na the lyrically drunken 
Master put me any kind beats 
I go murder 32 bars 
Then I draw few jaga- jaga breezen them
Babylon be talking about perica na junky 
I no be firt dey me for that kind 
Thing say kwatta like hanging panking 
But I do ma thing nah aha 
So now let’s check who’s badder than the muscana man
Me rollin all the melodie like pantana man oh yes
Tryna figure how this bush kana man 
Comot start to transact with this kana man for jess
Mathemativally I be na the rap solution
Men them hear my flow them lie for down like gunshot
Automatically boy be get the condom 
Man never even start rap oh 
I no go say I dey rap 
Shoutout to Dblock  
Draeboiii ok leggo

Make you never compare me  with the Babylon 
Babylon na  fake I be the james bond
Anytime you put them on the beat they claiming vagabond
But I still dey slaughter all the beef with my chainsaw 
Them no even gat a couple disk I be their mentor
No be lie never mess around with the dope guy
Coz I finish move all your teeth with my punchline 
Bury your album under the ground 
Tell me de reason why you dey 
Pray for my downfall
Shey na because my mutumbu no be dancehall 
Each and every seconds for my life 
I dey drop only hardcore 
Make the enemy dey concord 
Say I tanap jim like Chechen caterpillar 
Talk about the base I build the foundation 
On concrete pillar 
Dulana na my nigga 
When we collaborate we di move them
For game like na jigga 
Abi wuna dey feelam for wuna 
Skin say wuna over bad 
No man no fit bring you matter when you talk 
If I catch you for my kwatta one day 
You go take dark eye way you sep you go run 
Indicateur them dis space man when I paranoid 
Astronaut dey ontop keyboard di find soacebar 
I still get de doigts for di harvest then like coconut 
Oh gosh l’m feeling high gimme parachute 
Coz I cure na 2 dust 

1 cailloux R.A.P.S.A.S.I.N
Na me be de lyrically caterpillar with 
Speedometer of a Lamborghini and please 
Never tryna compare me with bitch ass niggas
When they looking for opponent 
I’ll be doubling my figure like 
I gat a project to buy a mansion in paradise 
But these niggas ain’t talking bout the budget 
Kwatta pikin inside market 
Lookout your wallet 

Big ups 237 showbiz 
Mush love 
Thanks for support man 
Shoutout to all my fans 
I promise to be here for long 

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