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Man Pass Man Pt. 3


Les Paroles de "Man Pass Man Pt. 3" par JOVI

Album: 16 Wives

Année: 2017




[Verse 1]
Level wey man don reach di mendem no want war
I tanap on top beat die man go sleep for floor
Jovi no di trembler sika say I sure
Tori long, only nkong even when I tchombé short.
No man no helep me, I tanap here me one.
Time for find damé men dem enter bush they run
I cook am then I hold pot
Hold am sotay hand burn
Nobi mendem borss back time wey them see say chop don?
Some man jor wookup talk say Jovi no fit ever make am.
I shidon for terre, swear for God say I must make am.
Time them dey wey I check say I no go make am
Now na hoha. Man deny, I use force take am.
Dey say "Jovi go loss small time" nobi na me this?
Dey say Jovi "whoside the money dey," nobi na yi this?
All man for here di buzz any year lek na pinguiss
All Black to match then I tchombé white tennis

[CHORUS]: (4X)
Ya pula na, béma bé tukwé
Ya pula na, béma bé sowé
(Engingilayé… Ewésé)

[Verse 2]
Mendem enter bush hustle dough for catch beef
Way wey beef run, mendem get for catch breeze
Di mendem no fit block am, nobi lie boh, only speed
Nack beat, flow the next day ndegué don enter street
Chop for studio, na for dey wey I di sleep
I di commot studio only time wey I get for shit
Na why that when I commot any man jor get for shift
Sika say any mutumbu wey I drop am be na hit.
If mboko be na religion na me I write the bible.
Flow troway lek mbra'a lek na first day for cycle
I no fit blame award show wey e be two years old
Make I give them time for grow for them for understand the flow.
Borss for inside contri meeting wey I tchombé veste
Sometime them when I cook skin, I get for cry ma geste.
I finish build house mendem wan treat me lek guest?
For ma corner e dey lek you di manage when you do ya best.

[CHORUS]: (4X)
Ya pula na, béma bé tukwé
Ya pula na, béma bé sowé
(Engingilayé… Ewésé)

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