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I pray (Devil no Di sleep Remix )


Les Paroles de "I pray (Devil no Di sleep Remix )" par IK GIX

Album: I pray (Devil no Di sleep Remix ) (Single)

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Now Jo said devil ain't sleeping,
That keeps me thinking
Could that be the reason why people are poverty stricken
Though they wishing to be hustling, bustling
To their limits, despite their critics
And then finish without a blemish
In school they told me when u work more u get more
But I know many guys who work more but get less
Get nothing, get stressed
Get lossed and tossed around
End up becoming the talk of town- they lost in doubts
Witchcraft, sorcery or misery?
What could be the reason for the seasons of futility?
I don't know if bars are connected to trials
But what I know is trials worsen when dependent on bars
Listen up...
Doesn't matter what your suffering details
You shouldn't retail
Your body, Asoul for that Holy Grail, (what Holy Grail?)
When u know u gonna end up in graves
And burn up in flames,
And get your picture stuck in a frame
With eulogies and symphonies, with people singing your praise
Without even having a clue about your life's details
Slaves to fame
Quit being played by games and contemplate
The way that u gonna pray...

We got suffering
We got questions
Not many answers
And many doubters...
We will rise high
Laugh last
Get past these harder times
I Pray (On and on and on)
I Pray (On and on and on)
I Pray (On and on and on)
And on and on and on and on

Hearing the track
Feeling the crack
Deep in your heart
That's mortified, with fright
In the night
You getting charges with ages
That are multiplying all the spaces
But the purple faces, are rarer
And u end up counting the faces you hoping,
Could pop in,
And drop a little breeze, to ease, the freeze,
Of this ice cold life that freezes your peace,
You've tried juju,
You too, knowing u weren't used to,
You're into more problems now than Desmond Tutu,
Cut your coat according to your size bro,
Though I know,
The hustle doesn't make your eyes closed,
Cuz ego
Makes u gullible like a jew
And to you, your dew
To becoming a boss like Ross
This gullibility, killing all simplicity
You becoming objects of cynical scrutiny
Ain't no security,
Rumble in the jungle,
That we living in,
No one is guaranteed we succeeding,
Took me up to day six to fix,
Rhymes and then bind em,
If I listened to critics then I'll probably hide em,
Or I'll join the mayhem,
But I just rejected,
Said I prefer staying,
And praying and saying Amen,
You wanna rotate on my axis ain't about me
But about God and his Blessings,
That I receive,
Never knew I'll be up to this,
When I'm done remember IK GIX
And I killed this shit
Cuz Gix Said So!


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