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Leave Am So


Les Paroles de "Leave Am So" par SUGA G

Album: Leave Am So (Single)

Année: 2017




Oh ma God this is so fuckin lit
Is it? Yea, I know

Hip Hop's heart breaks man
Do you got what it takes
I mean I need something something
That rymes with mistakes (Drugs)
Kendrick Lamar on the feat
Bitch I'm lying it's just me
PNC be the Library we put words together see
Yea! You gotta wait for this one

Hold on I de still buffer
Sold ma guns kept the Ruger (Ruger)
Pull up on you in a Uber (uber)
Better say your hallelujah (luya)
Draw your body with a ruler
I de Houston Texas Museum for Natural Science
This Spanish bitch think se I be monkey
So I gotta teach her the science
I ain't did nothing to you but you still hating-
 Wheh!  Leave am so !
If I make it don't we all make it
You de sell. I beg just leave am so

Ice cubes on ma wrist (wrist)
Big dubbies when I twist (twist)
ion shine I just gliss (gliss)
Superstar na hein diss
I be
I be flipping all the scripts (yah)
Bad bitch gimme lips         (yah)
And I don't mean on my lips   (yah)
All we do is make hits    (yah)

I mean keep it real with
You don't understand that mumble rap
Ayye... Aheyyy... Nigga Re-do me that
Ma son told me he lucky
If you ask I'm happy - with
Or without you up on me cz
I do this for the family
Uh! Jahseizz that's the family (Mich)
Mich Mins that's the family
A.C that's family
I don't name drop so excuse me (yah)
Abia that's the family
Victor ?iva that's the family (H)
H-Cross that's the family
The song lit bitch pay me

You be na part time rapper
I am full time Holler
If it no work then massa trust me  I got the chopper
Ima clap at you and yo manager
Sit down I can't stand ya
Must don lost your manners
I no be British but you be na WANKA

I be writing essays
English class with ma Esses
They pull you over in your Mercay
You ain't seen me in like three days
Get at me you need a ladder (ladder)
I'm leading Bitch you need to fallah
I be engine you be na starter (starter)
Magic Abracadabra

Leave am so! I beg just leave am so
Leave am so! tara just leave am so
Leave am so! I beg just leave am so
Leave am so! tara just leave am so

I can show you how to make the most of money if you listen close
Working all night wake up in the morning shorty made me toast
Got passes in most neighbourhoods and they ain't ever been revoked
Ma team be doing the most
We got Ivory but we no for the Coast
Float with we you get sunk
Eto'o Fils, Rigobert Song
Cameroon yea we on!
Good to see us in the front
Dance girl baby jump (jump)
We don't care we get Turnt (turnt)
Yaounde's where I'm from
Bet y'all won't play with the pum

Leave am so! I beg just leave am so
Leave am so! Tara just leave am so
Leave am so! I beg just leave am so
Leave am so! Tara just leave am so



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