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What Them Need


Les Paroles de "What Them Need" par MR STO (PALESTO)

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Album: What Dem Need

Année: 2010




Give them what them need,
Cause them are searching for some good man
Some love so sweet, something supernatural
Them only waiting to see
The kind of man who respect and treat them well
The true lover who knows how to win them heart

What she wants, nobody never ever gave it to her
 She’s been looking around, all those man them make they failed
Ooooh She is a great dreamer
Waiting for a prince since a long time
She no like liars, so she prefers to stay alone


She wants someone who understands how she feels
Someone who love her really for who she be
Na tell her yo, wanna be with her upon da ni
She wants some prince to set her heart free
She wants a man who could take care of a family
She no wants some jealous person, no say, she likes to feeling free


She’s been deceived, too many times
What she received, loving you fine,
Is only pain and tears
Man it is what she feels
Member say you Left her all alone every night
Out with your friends, getting drunk, getting high
Member say you beat a girl like she was your slave oh no
She no wants a looser
Them a want a man with good morality
Them a wanna share love in fidelity
Them a want you to care to make her feel happy
Listen fi them, they ya gwan see

Gi me di girl them Gi me di girl them (boom!)



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