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Kick Dem


Les Paroles de "Kick Dem" par MR STO (PALESTO)

Album: Kick Dem

Année: 2013

© Aggresiv, 2014




Man I dey there , Man I dey there
Yes me kick them, (Kick them),  Mr. Sto I fi kick them (Kick them)

Yo Nigger Shy, lourd
Upon this rhythm mi should
Breaking all di nose and di tooth
Boom! while good vibe is ina mi root
Good dance surround mi boot
Here is the real bully foot
Stepping up in the night to kick kick
Yo yo yo! Boy better know!
Palesto di blow! Palesto di rule
Kick them well, get couzy at the room
Mister Murder rhythm fi make boom
Switch on the camera push upon the zoom
Me turn in a wolf cause it’s the full moon
Murder, coming real soon, Man I dey there
You confuse by the tune, The Thing come true
The King come through
Make the sun boy turn in a fool

Kick them, kick them, Kick them, kick them
Party man ina di rhythm I fi hit them
Kick them, kick them, Kick them, kick them
Give the mic, this beat I go beat them
Kick them, kick them, Kick them, kick them
Oh, no! yes I di hit them
Kick them all kick them all
Make them silly with some real dancehall

Flying like a butterfly, hit like a bee
Something everybody can see
Lyrics make you feel high like sensee
Nobody better than me
Kick them well till they can no more breathe
Boom bye bye, in yur head, Yo man I dey there
I fi kick them with no pity
Filling the high ration
Come upon the radio station
Me hot your feet like it’s an aggression
The lyrical operates a verbal oppression
It’s like they done gun legalisation
What! Feel the hot vibration
What! Bossy na the dobe! Bossy na the dobe
I ma beat on them spit on them, step on them. Yom n me ..


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