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My Voice


Les Paroles de "My Voice" par BONZYZ

Album: My Voice (Single)

Année: 2017




Scene of their comrades (Anda )
Shot and killed this afternoon . The victim received the bullet in his mouth (Anda le)
Two other young men shot in the head and back of the leg lying  motionless as the steaming  crowd search on (Ameni)
Oh God ! God God God, This the second person(Yemeh) that has been killed at gun(kakakaka muh yi muh shua ) point 
A source at the Bamenda hospital
 Cry no more 
Cos better days I've been knocking at your Door .
My sympathy to those who lost their lives 
I thought this was a fight for your rights but it only turn to war. 
Their hearts feel with wretch and anger
 If you kill one, then kill all All for one one for all.
It's funny when they say there is no Anglophone-Problem,
I thought this was our fatherland as it is in the anthem. 

The people say they've been toast and marginalized 
The govt denies and tells the rest of the world it's a lie...
The people say they need a Federal state
cos the future of their children is REALLYat stake
Secession is an option to some but it's not an option to some , 
Resolve this problem now or that's the option they'll all take.
People don't have to die for this to come through
But some people are ready to die if they must to
So many people locked up in the penitentiary 
So many of my brothers shot dead lying there in the cemetery 
This is the fragment of a broken people, paying the price for freedom
We've lost sons and daughters lost father's and mothers 
Ma dreh menh zhusah 
Ma dreh menh zhusah
We need Freedom 
We need Freedom
Water done finish for my eyes
Instead of help you let us die
We need freedom 
We need freedom 


 I wouldn't names names
I wouldn't lay blames 
Who did that, who didn't do that.
That is not necessary 
Just give us what we claim 
That is what is necessary 
The constitution is our execution if their shooting us 
and saying its the law
Real criminals are in suits are they above the law ? 
We preach democracy that we don't practice at all.
We're unified in paper work , but we're separated in our thoughts. 
The highest motions of support comes from the north west and south West .
It is funny to me cos all we get is disrespect .
What do we really expect when all our leaders are sellout.
They bring cheap controversy against the masses
to gain favor from the lion.
My people really suffering listen to the cry of peasants. 
You say that we are married but you treat us like servants.
One quarter of you is us so it's relevance to share the cake fairly.
Cos we're different parts of the body. 
I'm calling the leaders to dialogue and reason.
And release all the innocent people locked up in prison. 
A great Nation we'll be if equality is what is chosen .
We need Divine intervention. 
 Let's Pray for this Nation. 
It seems to me this is the newest apartheid edition.
That results are always out even before elections.
Not to mention retired people can't even have their pension.
Ma dreh menh zhusah 
Ma dreh menh zhusah
We need Freedom 
We need Freedom
Water done finish for my eyes
Instead of help you let us die
We need freedom 
We need freedom 


 This song is dedicated to all those who lost their lives during the strike fighting for their rights .
May their souls rest in Peace 
Rest in peace Simon Nkwenti, 
Rest in peace Lapiro De Mbanga 
Rest in peace Pius Njawe.
Your legacy will live on.
True freedom fighters 
This cause need leaders like Mandela, 
Who will stand in front ,
And not leaders who will sit behind and send our kids to go die.
I stand with the lawyers and teachers .
what do you stand for , you that's listening ?
After the rains comes the sun!
God is saying something but we're not listening 
If you feel what we feel , many things will change.
Lord have mercy !


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