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Les Paroles de "Mukwatta" par JOVI

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Album: Mukwatta

Année: 2013

© New Bell Music




Boucan dey for mop ndamba no dey for foot
You  kick u no  score don’t blame it on the boot
Blame it on the truth coz we don’t believe u did it
Coz  if u did u won’t need to prove coz we feel it
Me I no be clown So why should I be funny
Turn Back for here only when u get the money
Quartar dey ya nose but me my days are sunny
So if Me I be Clyde then na Money be na Bonnie
I wanna be your Man, Baby I can Be Your Man
I know u got a boyfriend that’s Why I said a man
Black Past Charcoal, Massa I don’t need a Tan
 Still fly heading for the skies call it Peter Pan
Sometimes I don write so I don’t need a Pen
Haters get the message so me I no go send
The Realest Mofo know say me no di pretend
Thief style  no be na borrow I no Gree say yi be lend
Woo woo ndemeur wou wou mouilleur
C’est n’est que le Mukwatta ou wou ndemeur
Ah doudou pomper ah doudou pomper
Son way est tellement long on l’appelle le trépied
La nga veut un homme tu n’es qu’un Mbindi
Je parle pas de muscle tu es vraiment mingili
Ah doudou pomper ah doudou pomper
Je djoum dans le way et ca commence à péter
Toumbou Toumbou Cass Kal ba Tika Bèlè Boss
A Bèlè Bèlèe KaiKai Toumbou Don Buss
Boss Boss Boss Boss Boss Boss Boss
The first shall be the last and the last shall be the first
Na me go be the first and na you go be the last
When soup don bolè massa fufu no di pass
Langa beer go kill wuna ya man di only hold grass
Jong for crate dough crape dem nodi want kass
Boy dem don di chop leaf chap dem don di move witch
Sep perika for kwata know sey Kotopi na bush meat
Flow tanga like na fried corn oh boi di one na crang crang
I swear to god I no di joke esc e que I fever kan kan
Oh boy you be na fake ya man self be na langsan
Chicken change no be na dough oh boy da one na chang chang
Oh boi I dey for field na you shidon for bench
 Na lie I no go shake they want sey make I quench?
CHORUS (x 2)

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