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Les Paroles de "AKEMA" par EAZYPRIEST

Album: AKEMA

Année: 2016




Y'all know what time it is,
Oh! lego!,yoh,eazy,ah ha!!!Yeah

Verse one
Oh! i'm the microphone professor(that's right)
Everytime i flow y'all niggas say yes sir,(yes sir)
Im a casual dresser, huh
But no try boy cuz i look fresher,(fresher)
And today am winning, (i'm winning)
But don't f**ck with me,cuz i don't deal with children,(huh)
And i started from the bottom and im elevating to the top,
Y'all niggas gotta feel it,
You can hear me now,(huh)i know,(huh)
Im a boss but i keep it on the low,(on a low)
Now the wonder where im coming from,(coming from)
North west banso boy killing em,
Im the gift to the generation,
I got the crown,i hope you ready for my coronation,
King-e y'all know,thats him,gotta flow

A a a akema,kua du fo mbiy,du fo mbiy,akema
Ambinkira,akema,ambinkira,binkira akema
Im the man of the year,and you know i don't care nigga akema,
Im sitting on the throne,
And you better know am rapping now akema (2x)

Verse two
(lego) If money be the root of all evil,
Then the devil will forever rule the people,(yes lord)
But i look up to the sky with my knees down,
Deliver us, deliver us from evil,(lord)
Whom god has blessed, no man can curse,
No man can curse,
Look he's always first,(yes)
Its not me,its him writing this verse,
So i make a prayer before i could write a verse.
And this ma reign, am a ruler,
Got a lotta books like a mular,
I can see through ya,
Haterz got shot like boo ya!!!
Hundred shots for em,strike through ya,
Bla bla boo ya!!!(yeah)
But am living ma life,
And am climbing the ladder,am not scared of heights,
If i fall i will never get hurt,cuz i know ma feet won't touch the ground..


Verse three
(yeah)dem must cut me cafe,
Nobi sans gallon boy i be five star general,(na so e dey)
U di fear face,nobi masquerade,why u di run like na juju,(huh)

Dem must cut me cafe,
Nobi sans gallon boy i be five star general,
U di fear face,nobi masquerade,why u di run like na juju(ahhhhh)

Yong ben e venayu,
Jissi dzem venayu,
Everything's equillibrum,
This is the millenium,
Cameroon we got you on the map,
No disequllibrum,
One for the money,two for the show,
Three for em niggas representin' k.b.o,
Concentrating say,focus like this is yoga

I'll be shining bright,some people call me casanova,
I'll be shining bright,some people call me casanovaaaaa,

Oh,only god is above me,
All these niggas just below me,(that's right)
Y'all gonn hate me or love me,(yeah)
Got food for your soul,you should thank me,(yeah)
But still,y'all wanna judge me,(ha)
But that will never bother me,(no way)
Im the king in this game,
Na me di worry dem, worry dem,
Don't ever think you could test me


Yeah!y'all already know whose sitting on the throne,(we know,who else,we know)
Y'all already know who wears the crown,(who else)
Hahaha!!I don't mess with these clowns(that's right,yeah)(eazy) blah!!!


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