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Les Paroles de "GOLD DIGGER STORY" par GAELO

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Année: 2016




Ha-ha... Yea… Yea...
South-west side, South-west side
South-west side, South-west side
Gaëlo... Yea

Verse 1:
I am so styling, on this killer beat this sh*t is sick
Laudz you the next in line to Swizzy beats
I keep doing bigger things so I floss big
They say I got guts, yea I know ma balls big
That’s why ya boy di wax so many boss b*tches
Make sure my pocket flop only pepper (“pepper” is slang for money)
Mind ma business, talk behind ma back
Dey you deh di watch a n*gga pilling up in stacks

Talk less, act more, giving these n*ggas all the proof
Your boy Gaëlo is the remedy
F**k all that soft sh*t, hardcore from start to the finish
Oh boy Gaëlo is the remedy
Boy you ain’t seen nothing yet, oh I’m coming for yo head
I be killing Gaëlo’s enemies
Gaëlo’s the remedy, I’m the remedy mayne
Oh boy Gaëlo is the remedy

Verse 2:
Walk into the club with a pocket full of chicken (“chicken” is a US slang for money)
Walk outta the club with a fat @ss chicken (“chicken” here as in “chick” or girl)
What do you expect?
Money dey ma kwa, so e back must touch ground this is how we live boy
Gold digger chap them lining up on ma lane, for servicing
While I got bigger things ahead of me like taking over the game
And make di boys them confirm say we got the keys and we run this thing
Gage how we climb on top of the charts
Our photo’s on the front page of the blogs
Our name’s in everybody’s mouth we’re popping
Fly @ss outfit is all we’re rocking
Everybody knows ladies love celebrities, only GOD knows what di boy’s gonna do next
I no di lose sense, ma pocket flop wit e durex
Make we do di ting quick and put di business to rest
Chase the money, and di chap they go chase you
Loose the money and di chap they go run you
So n*ggaz, act wisely – keep your eyes wide open
And never turn a hoe into a housewife
No come for last fight and start to ask why
I always find my way because I over wise
If knowledge is power oh boy I too strong
I don bollé wit di one them let us move on



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