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The Phoenix


Les Paroles de "The Phoenix" par STANLEY ENOW

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Album: The Phoenix

Année: 2016




Yeah never forget where u come from
Bafoussam is where is come from
First class winner from the bottom
No income ! All ma men dem a broke they aint no credit cards to buy ma album.
Some of them got brain type misery
All wanna do is eat, smoke, sex for free
But outchea showing them the right way
They now feel blessed reason why the wanna follow me
The messiah, Stanley Enow
Cameroon's pop boss, yeah you better know
I been serving this rap game, you don't wanna know
Been writing ma story like jiggaman from long a time ago.
Yeah! Long time ago chhh
No food to eat no beignet haricot chh
Roaming the streets with ma Ghana must go chh
Ma bible in ma bag dats my only best wifey boy.
There was true love
I can see it in your eyes men no love
Ma same Motherland brothers wanna kill me and sell my life up fake love.
Fire burn dem, God punish you.
Men if there is no me, there is no you
There is no you
Is like you wanna smash away your own damn sunlight nigga fuck you !
For ma fans man , I got love wou
Ghetto youths rise, do your thing ah
Ma soldiers in the ghetto universities
Make sure you run the town no matter how hard the adversity
For ma people those suffering in silence
I love u I pray for you silence
Je vous aimes nigga.
Some can't afford medication, but got a doze of hope from my songs nigga
Let’s Go! Envy yeah Envy !
Bad belle people dem a envy
Just because you got a mention in CV
Young blood that don’t mean that yo ass gonna be me
You can do better, that’s ma wish man
I pray you never loose, bush man
Only God can stop me on this lane man
Am on ma Martin Luther state of mind
Imma king man.
Gimme your ears, Gimme your ears
Anytime the money comes man you see red
Son be grounded. You got a great crew yep yep but dawg are solidly surrounded?
This world is not playground
Ma mama told me this world is not game ground.
Pray hard pray hard son Fear God
Make sure always move around with a smile and a brave heart

Dont be deceived son, to get a good wife mayne you gotta pray son.
She's like bae she's like bae mayne u not bae
U go broke mayne she nyashing with a rich gay.

Money speaks money speaks , Yeah Money Trees,
I wish I had holy a seed to grow Money Trees
Haha so funny right, Im my dreams right
Where u find honey, always know they be a honeybee

I met this lady on at the airport
Latino-type sandwitch, nice weave on
She from Africa, she need fish to live on
She said need fat old man she can lean on

Im like whoa Go to Winners chappel, Introduce yourself inna the winners circle
Cult circle, ball circle whatever whatever
When you grow rich forget not that the Lord made you

Thats how the world is
Ma people are alive but they don’t live
That’s the rule in ma very own country
The gorvenment so high but ma broke people can’t breathe.

That’s why you got brain drain
Fake facebook judges is the real deal
Some wanna be the next McZukerburg
How they gon do it on their own to the break the Iceberg?

A tous mes frères Africains bigup
Ceux de château d’eau one love bigup. Ceux de Paris, ceux de Casa one love
God bless you in the hustle bigup.

Back to me now, Stanley Enow.
Cameroon's boss mc yeah you better know
Ma mama gave birth a King now. Im Central Africa's hiphop boss no two now


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