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Mola Kwata


Les Paroles de "Mola Kwata" par FOSTER PLANNER

Album: Mola Kwata

Année: 2015




Foster Planner Baby… Fatal Fusion Generation
Yeah! MOLA KWATA . Letz Go!!!

My Don Kwata - Na Muah Muah (Muah Muah eh)
My Don Kwata Na Muah Muah (Muah Muah eh)
When De Mola Talk - All De Kwata Stand  (When De Mola Talk - All De Kwata Stand  )
When De Mola Talk - All De Kwata Stand (When De Mola Talk - All De Kwata Stand  )

Verse 1:
I di grind on ma grind, like a Bulldozer
Old man yi friend, be na Mendouza
I don old for this thing, call me Methuselah
Cuz this very moment, they want bole me now
I be dey na ngola, giving heat to Mola Kwata
(Dey for ngola giving heat to Mola Kwata)
Mbele dem try na for, lock me for ngata
(They try, they try, for put me for ngata)    
Je n'aime pas le ngata, ma Tara
I no be me na Nasara, mais vous allez Nyeh
Directement mola, sans Blague
Mais passez moi la Bouteille, je m'aime pas L'amateur
So tell that boy, u be na Passerby
Make he kiss that chick, and say Goodbye
That fucken bastard di fear for Die
I go turn up, turn up, shut down for What!
In the Mola Kwata, na we be Kwata Kwata
Boys are out, killing de Mola
Came inside de Mola Kwata, na for Ngola

Any new chap burst, na for Hollam
When that new jap burst, it go be like Hummer
Tumbu, Tumbu, Tumbu - Yes Boss
Losers always count their Loss
Paddy I beg u tchole me, like this nga dem go Bole Me
Dat Mola Kwata turn be na Baghdad
Any Bullshit real niggas Backfire
Tum Tum Tah - Tum Tum, We di Chop Bitch here like Kum Kum
Its ma Time Here, I'm the Time Here
I'm the Clock Here, so watch Me Ticking!


Ma Don Kwata Na Muah Muah ( muah muah eeeh!)
Ma Don Kwata Na Muah Muah (muah muah ehhh!)
When De Mola Talk, all the Kwata Stand
(When De Mola Talk, all the Kwata Stand)* (When De Mola Talk, all the Kwata Stand)

Verse 2:
I Huzzle - I Puzzle - I Struggle
Using ma brain and ma Muscle
Respect ma Huzzle, or Fear ma Muscles
Bitches be Killing ma Vibes
Haters be Spreading the Lies
Na u Anita or na u Natasha - but u no get a clue how this thing di Work
How come a nigga di work - and na bitches di Chop
He mama na loss - nigga only di Lop
Na serious thing - until I cut he Cafe
All ma men dem,  dey na Kondengui Now
But I still dey here, di enjoy Mola Kwata
Oh God, oh God - I guess it's ma Time
Cuz this very Time, I feel I'm Alive
One day I'm Here, next day I'm There
I Huzzle - I Bubble - and Niggas di Fear
I Struggle until my life Jingle Like Bell
Mola Kwata, Mola Kwata, Mola Kwata
Man na muna, man na muna - For the Mola Kwata
Any man for himself, God for we all - Baba dey Up.
When I chop I no flop, I di lock mop - but I pray for More
Animals run when de Fire di burn, Snakes di Crawl
I never give up, Take it or Leave it
Dat don Kwata turn be na Mola Kwata
Ndolo, ndolo, ndolo - Ma Makara Maggi
Clive Terry bro - Thanks alot
I really appreciate - the Love and Support
Shout out Yaounde - Stand Up Buea - Douala - Bamenda - Baffoussam.


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